About Enjoy Waltham Forest

Over the last 6 years, Waltham Forest has gone from strength to strength, building a new sustainable travel infrastructure, prioritising walking and cycling and making safer streets for our residents.  

We’ve already achieved a huge amount through our Mini Holland scheme, which began in 2013 when we secured funding from Transport for London (TfL) to upgrade our streets and road network, tackling key issues around road safety, air quality and public health. Being one of three pilot boroughs, we have build a huge range of knowledge and experience in sustainable travel and continue to be one of the leading boroughs across the country.

Our aim is to make the borough more enjoyable for everybody, and we continue to deliver an ambitious programme of regeneration activities borough wide, which you can read about on our Work in Your Area section.

With 40% of our residents not having access to a vehicle, it’s vital we make our streets safer to  use for pedestrians and cyclists, making it easier for residents to truly enjoy our fantastic and vibrant borough. So far, we’ve implemented a massive 29km or segregated cycle lanes and improved 62 new pedestrian crossings.

We’re creating roads of the future by making sure we:

·         Create cycle lanes that give you a safe and dedicated space to cycle

·         Implement new and upgraded crossings to prioritise pedestrians and make walking safer

·         Upgrade junctions that help traffic to flow more easily

·         Offer walking and cycling routes that make it easier to get between our town centres

·         Install cycle hubs and cycle hangars to make storing bikes easy

·         Design new outdoor spaces such as parklets and pocket parks, making the borough more attractive

·         Creating quieter residential streets that make walking and cycling more appealing and safer for all

·         Upgrade bus stops and bus stop locations to make public transport more accessible and reliable

Check out our most recent review of the work in Waltham Forest, by reading our Walking and Cycling Account.

For more information about Enjoy WF, or to book in a guided tour of Waltham Forest head over to our Get In Touch page.