Businesses and MHThe Enjoy Waltham Forest  improvements aim to increase safety for people who walk and cycle in the borough as well as relieve congestion, improve air quality and help support the local economy.

People who walk and cycle are great customers for local shops and high street surveys show that whilst people who cycle don’t spend as much as a car driver per trip, they visit shops more regularly and spend more per week.

Benefits of the Enjoy Waltham Forest programme for your business

  • Better and safer roads for you, your staff and your customers
  • Improved facilities for people who walk and cycle encouraging them to spend more time and money in the area
  • New public spaces that will transform the look and feel of the street, attracting new visitors to the area that could create more business opportunities for you.
  • Saving you money - The average car costs in the region of £3,500 per year to run
  • Keeping you healthy - Surveys show that active staff take fewer sick days and are more productive
  • Using cycling as part of your business travel solution will raise your company's profile
  • Embracing walking and cycling projects shows that your business cares about the environment and community you’re based in.

How your business can get involved

There are many ways for your business to get involved in the programme.

  • Cycle stands - Bike stands are being installed throughout the borough. If you don’t have cycle parking near your premises, you might be missing out on customers that choose to cycle to local shops. Tell us if you think your premises would benefit from cycle parking and we will get some installed. Cycle stands aren’t just for customers, they’ll benefit you and your staff too.
  • Free cycle training - To give your staff the confidence they need to get back in the saddle or to try cycling for the first time, we offer free cycle training to everyone who lives, works or studies in the borough. The training is completely flexible and our instructors will even meet your staff after work to help them practise their commute home.
  • Driver training - For businesses that employ large goods vehicle and van drivers, our free one-day driver training course may be of interest to you. This training is used to increase your drivers' understanding of issues faced by vulnerable road users such as people who walk and cycle.
  • Delivery van to delivery bike - Many small businesses across London have benefited from switching from van to bike to make local deliveries. We have ZED, a zero emissions delivery service, available in the borough for your delivery needs, whether you receive stock from local providers or need to deliver your goods to your customers the team can provide a competitive delivery price compared to national delivery companies. Get in touch to find out more.
  • Free bike hire - If you and your staff would like to give cycling a go before you commit to purchasing a bike you can hire a bike for a short term loan from the council. Contact us for more details.
  • Cargo bikes - Cargo bikes are a great alternative to delivery vehicles. They come in many shapes and sizes and can be modified to do all kinds of jobs. Some have payloads up to 100kg and can accommodate anything from food and drinks to furniture. We provide free hire of cargo bikes, if you’re interested email us.
  • Car clubs - If you need access to motor vehicles, car clubs can be a great alternative to owning one yourself. Through car clubs you can hire vehicles by the hour and return it to a designated parking bay. The current car club operators in the borough are Zipcar and Ubeeqo.