Public consultation – Nov to Dec 2014

Feedback gathered during the trial was used to develop a final scheme which was taken to consultation between 28 November and 19 December 2014.

In total, 735 households in the scheme area took part and provided feedback on the proposals for the area. The consultation results were presented to Waltham Forest Cabinet members on Tuesday 10 February 2015 where the plans for the Walthamstow Village were approved.

A full report detailing the results from the consultation is available to download.
The results from the consultation were used to develop a final scheme for the area which was constructed between spring and autumn 2015.

A summary of the consultation results is shown in the below table:

Proposal% for% against% neutral% don't know
Road closures and traffic directional changes - overall results4441123
Safer environment proposals7413112
Opening and closing time of the shared
space on Orford Road
51 per cent of respondents favoured the shared space on Orford Road
to be closed from 10am to 10pm Monday to Sunday
Top three improvements residents want to
see in the area
• More trees across Walthamstow
• Better pavements and street lighting on Barclay Path
• An extended public square on Eden Road (Eden Village Square)