Summary of changes

Throughout the Markhouse Road scheme we will work with the local community to develop the plans for the road. All feedback received will help to inform the final design for the area. The following table outlines our proposals for Markhouse Road and the benefits.

Proposed changeReason for change
Improve the look and feel of the road between Boundary
Road and 247 Markhouse Centre by transforming the long grass area into a new park space that people can
walk and cycle through.
To help local people enjoy spending time in the area as well as the nearby shops and leisure facilities.
Introduce blended 'Copenhagen' crossings, zebra and signalised crossings along the road.To make the road safer (over the last three years there have been 40 collisions recorded on Markhouse Road including three classed
as serious), help people get about easily and ensure pedestrians are prioritised at crossings.
Create protected cycle lanes on each side of the road to provide a safe space for people to cycle, separated from motorised traffic. As well as improving cycle lanes, we’ll also increase the number of signs to places of interest and cycle stands so people can get to and from this area easily.This type of cycle lane makes it clearer and easier for everyone to share the road as the cycle track is higher than the road but lower than the pavement, helping drivers to feel more at ease and people cycling to feel safer.
Upgrade and create new bus stops along the road

To help improve the reliability of bus services and meet TfL’s accessibility standards to better support elderly or disabled passengers, as well as people with push chairs. As well as helping to make bus journeys more convenient and accessible.