Summary of proposals

Throughout the engagement period for the Leytonstone Town Centre scheme we have worked with residents and businesses in the area to understand better what they think of Leytonstone Town Centre and the surrounding area, and the type of improvements they would like to see. These comments have helped develop a final design for the area, however the following table outlines our proposals for Leytonstone Town Centre as stated in the original Mini-Holland bid document.

We want this part of the scheme to

  • Cut down the amount of non-local traffic using the area as a cut through
  • Improve the look, feel and safety of the streets for everyone
  • Create better routes to local schools and places you need to get to
    Make it easier for you to choose healthy methods transport, for example by making cycling safer.


Table of improvements

Proposed changesReasons for change
Introduce new blended (Copenhagen style) crossings at junctions and side roadsTo slow down traffic and give greater priority to pedestrians and bike users.
Introduce road layout and direction changes as well as traffic calming features and carriageway narrowingTo slow down traffic and give greater priority to pedestrians and bike users.
Introduce new cycle parking facilitiesTo make the area more accessible to people who cycle and increase the footfall for businesses.
Provide new public spaces in the form of pocket parks along the routeTo instil a sense of pride in the local area and transform it into a destination area to attract more visitors.
Improve the pedestrian street environment including:
- New street lighting
- Better signage
- More wayfinding
To encourage more pedestrians to use the area and attract new visitors by making it safer and more attractive.