Summary of improvements

Throughout the Forest Road scheme we will work with the local community to develop the plans for Forest Road. All feedback received will help to inform the final design for the area. The following table outlines our proposals for Forest Road as stated in the original Mini-Holland bid document.

Table of improvements

Proposed changesReasons for change
Introduce a mixture of fully protected and semi protected cycle lanes called segregated cycle tracks in both directions To encourage more people to cycle on the road by increasing safety and removing conflict between motor vehicles and cycles.
Potential for redesign of the following junctions:
- Blackhorse Junction
- Palmerston Road
- Hoe Street/ Chingford Road (Bell junction)
- Shernhall Street
- Wood Street/ Fulbourne Road.
To make navigating junctions safer and easier for all road users, especially for people walking and cycling, whilst improving the flow of traffic and bus facilities.
Introduce new blended 'Copenhagen' crossings at junctions and side roadsTo slow down traffic and give greater priority to pedestrians and bike users.
Introduce a 20 mph speed limit along Forest RoadTo address concerns about vehicles speeding and improve safety throughout the route.
Install more cycle stands along the routeTo make the area more accessible to people who cycle and increase the footfall for businesses.
Provide new public spaces in the form of pocket parks along the route and improve access into the Walthamstow Wetlands development.To instil a sense of pride in the local area and transform it into a destination area to attract more visitors.
Improve the look and feel of the street for people who walk through the following:
- New street lighting
- Better signage to local places of interest.
To encourage more pedestrians to use the area and attract new visitors by making it safer and more attractive.