Summary of Improvements

The specific improvements are detailed in the table below and the full plans can be viewed here.

Table of improvements

Proposed changesReasons for change
20 mph speed limit along Church Road and Grange Park RoadTo address concerns about traffic speed and increase safety for all road users.
New Blended ‘Copenhagen’ crossings at side roadsTo prioritise pedestrians and slow down vehicles when turning at side roads.
Upgraded Bus stop To make bus stops more accessible for all bus users.
Improved access to Leyton Jubilee Park
- A new crossing between Park Road and Marsh Lane
- A new crossing between Leyton Grange Road and Villiers Close
- Segregated cycle tracks on both sides of the road between Simons Road, Ive Farm Close and Leyton Grange
To make it easier and safer to cross the road and to improve access to Leyton Jubilee Park for local homes and schools, and to make it safer and more appealing to cycle to Leyton Jubilee park.
Road safety improvements
- Cycle friendly speed humps along Capworth Street and Manor Road
- Raised T-junction at the junction of Church Road and Capworth Street
To improve safety for all road users, and to address safety issues raised as part of our consultation.
New cycle route
- Direct cycle route parallel to Church Road along Capworth Street, Manor Road and Grange Park Road
- A protected cycle lane southbound between Markhouse Junction and Capworth Street
- New signs to local places of interest and to other walking and cycling routes
To provide people who cycle with a fast, quiet alternative to Church Road and to protect cyclists on the approach to Capworth Street.

Note that the cycle route ties into proposals for a Leyton to Blackhorse Road cycling route.