Geocache Walking Tour

Geocache mapIf walking is your thing, get involved in Waltham Forest's new Geocache Walking Tour. Geocache is a worldwide treasure hunt where people take to the streets (at their leisure) to find a Geocache point in search of hidden treasures, using the Geocaching app or GPS.

We’ve launched eight Geocache points across the borough to help get you out and about exploring the borough. And that’s not all – there are millions of geocaches around the world, and 16,727 near London alone, just waiting for you to find them.

Whether you take part on you own or with family and friends, it's a great way to get to know your borough and find out what's on your door step.


  1. Download the Waltham Forest Geocache map
  2. Visit the Geocache website www.geocaching.com/play to download the app
  3. The first Geocache point is located around Leyton Jubilee Park. Once found, stamp your map and move on to the second. All eight points can be found in one day, but you can also spread the tour out throughout the summer and go exploring with family and friends.