Q: What is the Mayor’s Air Quality Fund?

A: The Mayor’s Air Quality Fund supports local authorities and community organisations within London to deliver projects which address air quality issues and reduce reliance on motor vehicles.

Q: What is a zero emission delivery scheme?

A: A zero emission delivery scheme uses sustainable modes of transport such as electric vehicles and bikes to deliver goods from business to business and other local addresses. This type of scheme has been successfully used in Brighton and Cambridge, becoming part of a new ‘green culture’ which has spread within these areas.

Q: What are the potential benefits of a zero emission delivery service to your business?


  • You could potentially increase your customer satisfaction and boost your reputation by offering a low-cost, zero emission delivery to customers
  • You can better manage ad hoc deliveries
  • Lower costs and less staff time spent on your current delivery options
  • You’ll be giving back to the local community by using a service that employs local people.


Q: What are the issues with air pollution in Waltham Forest?

In Waltham Forest some of the borough’s poorest air quality levels are adjacent to busy roads and the main pollutants of concern are Nitrogen Dioxide and particulates (PM) emissions which are caused mainly by road traffic.

In 2001 the borough was declared an Air Quality Management Area meaning Waltham Forest has put together a plan to improve the air quality in order to meet the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affair’s (DEFRA) air quality objectives.

Q: How does the service operate?

The service provides business to business as well as business to consumer deliveries. Bookings can be made over the telephone or via the app. Visit the ZED website for more details.

Q: Where is your distribution hub/centre?

The ZED distribution hub is located near to Leyton Midland Road station on Tilbury Road.

Q: Are there employment opportunities for local residents?

We endeavour to provide employment opportunities for local residents, currently there are 12 local couriers working flexibly and earning the London Living Wage with ZED.

Q: What is your geographical range for delivery?

Deliveries are being undertaken within Waltham Forest, and beyond. Occasionally we work with our parent company Zedify to make deliveries into central London depending on demand.

Q: How much does it cost to use the service?

All businesses will receive £100 of free delivery credits, and all deliveries made after this will be undertaken at a competitive rate.

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