Christmas Courier 2016

The pilot scheme, ‘Christmas Courier’, provided residents with an opportunity to support local businesses whilst also improving air quality through encouraging them to leave their vehicles at home and instead walk, cycle and use public transport. The scheme allowed residents to have their goods delivered to them free of charge by a zero emissions service (through the use of cargo bikes and an electric/hydrogen van). The project’s objectives therefore complement the on-going Enjoy Waltham Forest (Mini-Holland) works in the borough.

Key Achievements:

  • 20 businesses engaged in the scheme
  • 1,000 packages were delivered in 515 journeys
  • 43 deliveries were undertaken on average each day
  • 2,636km were cycled in total, with each courier travelling 45 km a day on average
  • Emissions savings:
    • 2288.14g/km of NOx
    • 81.72g/km of PM10
    • 18.45g/km of NO2
    • 404.55kgCO2e/km of CO2