Hilltop Area

In 2015 Waltham Forest Council engaged with the local community in the Hoe Street and Wood Street area on a range of traffic reduction, road safety and environmental improvements as part of the Enjoy Waltham Forest Scheme.

The aim of the proposals put forward were to:

  • Reduce the volume, speed and impact of traffic using residential roads in the area
  • Improve road safety for everyone
  • Encourage more local trips to be made on foot, by bike and by public transport
  • Improve the appearance of the local environment.

Following the public consultation held in Autumn 2015 the majority of proposals were implemented, however in response to local feedback the council decided to defer the introduction of any proposals in the Hilltop area (the area bounded by Howard Road, Forest Road, Shernall Street and Church Hill, shown in the map below) until the design of the Bell Junction (Hoe Street/Forest Road junction) was complete and approved, and any changes required in the surrounding residential roads to support the new junction layout were fully understood. The council also agreed to review the original proposals for the Hilltop area and re-engage with local residents on any updated plans, taking into consideration the final design for the Bell Junction.

In September 2019 a workshop was conducted for the Hilltop area. The workshop included several exercises to help us understand local priorities and views towards potential solutions to local transport related concerns, as well as giving residents the opportunity to develop their own ideas for the area; there were 43 residents who attended the workshop from the local community. Thank you to everyone who took part and provided feedback on the proposals.
The feedback from the workshop helped to shape proposals that were included in a public consultation exercise between 10 February and 2 March 2020, which was conducted in the Hilltop area via printed consultation leaflets and questionnaires. There was a 25% response rate from the residents in the Hilltop area. The consultation also included a drop-in session on 19 February at a local school, to allow the local community to see more detailed plans and discuss the scheme with project officers, which 56 residents attended.

Click here to read our post consultation leaflet which was sent to residents in the area in June 2020.

Construction timeline

Construction of the Hilltop Scheme was completed in autumn 2020.

Changes to Howard Road

To make the Bell Junction more accessible and safer for pedestrians and cyclists, we plan to use some road space to widen the pavements and accommodate the new cycle tracks. As we are reducing the amount of carriageway space in Forest Road any vehicles waiting to turn into Howard Road from Forest Road, particularly those turning right, are more likely to block the junction, leading to increased congestion, delays and potential safety issues. Therefore, to ensure that the new junction layout operates safely and efficiently there will be No Entry from Forest Road into Howard Road. The road will remain a two-way street and you will still be able to exit Howard Road onto Forest Road, however people traveling by motor vehicle will need to access Howard Road by traveling from Seaford Road.

This change was included in the original Bell Junction consultation and we have continued to include it within all consultation and publicity material associated with the adjacent Hilltop Scheme.

Construction timeline

Changes to Howard Road will take place alongside the construction of the Bell Junction from February 2021.


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