Woodford New Road

Following the completion of our Lea Bridge Road corridor improvement scheme, including the transformative redesign of Whipps Cross Roundabout, we have been extending the walking and cycling infrastructure along Woodford New Road to make travelling through the area on foot and by cycle even easier and safer.

Our Lea Bridge Road improvements now provide continuous protected space for people walking and cycling from the borough boundary with Hackney to Whipps Cross. We want to extend this to the borough boundary with Redbridge in the Northeast, in order to provide a continuous east-west route connecting one side of the borough to the other.

Running from Snaresbrook Road to Redbridge/ High Road Woodford Green, this part of Woodford New Road is used by a significant number of vehicles every day, many of which travel at high speeds. This can result in a hostile environment for all road users, particularly those walking and cycling. We want to improve this section of Woodford New Road so that walking and cycling is easier, safer and more convenient, while also reducing vehicle speeds for the benefit of all road users.

As part of the scheme, we have already introduced protected cycling and walking facilities on Woodford New Road between Snaresbrook Road and Forest Road to connect into the recent changes at Whipps Cross. Now that this is complete and due to increase demand on our walking and cycling network as a result of the public health emergency resulting from Covid-19, we are now looking to expand on the segregated cycle route along Woodford New Road, to provide a continuous, uninterrupted protected cycle route to the borough boundary with Redbridge.

The scheme will be funded by the DfT's Emergency Active Travel fund in response to Covid-19 and will also join with proposals currently in development by the London Borough of Redbridge to introduce further protected space for cycling along Woodford New Road towards Woodford Green.

Key proposals include:

  • Mandatory semi-segregated cycle lanes (Orcas/ Wands) northbound and southbound on Woodford New Road between the Waterworks Roundabout (A406) and administrative boundary with the London Borough of Redbridge just north of Fullers Road and Oak Hill
  • Localised sections of stepped cycle track (cycle lane that is higher than the carriageway but lower than the footway) at the transition to the Waterworks roundabout underpass system, at bus stop locations, and where road space is limited
  • Minor work to the carriageway such as repairs and patching to remove potholes or uneven surfaces, new road markings and signage
  • Minor junction layout changes on Oak Hill and Fullers Road.

Drawings of the plans can be viewed by clicking on the Useful Documents links at the side of this page.

What happens next?

The Council has advertised the necessary Traffic Management Orders (TMO) changes and publicised these in the East London and West Essex Guardian and London Gazette, along with on-street notices in accordance with legal requirements. Any comments relating to the TMO’s can be received up until Sunday 13 September 2020. 

The construction of this scheme will start in mid-August and should take approximately 4-6 weeks.

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