The live trial – September 2014

23Between 26 September and 13 October 2014 we carried out a live trial in Walthamstow Village and closed roads to motor vehicles at key locations. This live trial, a first for the Council and the UK, meant that we could give residents and businesses first-hand experience of what it could feel like living and working in a low traffic neighbourhood and the Council could gather real life traffic data and feedback on bold proposals to address the road safety and environmental issues highlighted in the original resident survey.

It also meant the local community had a unique opportunity to make an informed decision on any long-term proposals for the area.

Before and during the trial, traffic counters were used along with live feedback from the local people to assess the impact on the area. The local community were also invited to take part in a survey and a series of workshops to feedback on the trial.

Download the trial and workshop summary for more information on the Walthamstow Village live trial.