Public consultation

In March 2016, we carried out a public consultation with the local community on our plans for Markhouse Road. Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation and provided feedback on the proposals. All of the comments have been considered and have allowed us to develop a final scheme that will benefit the local community and visitors to the area.

A summary of the results:

  • In total 162 people responded to the consultation providing just over 360 individual comments
  • 51 per cent of respondents were supportive of the proposed road improvements, 37 per cent were neutral and 12 per cent were negative
  • 63 per cent of respondents were supportive of making Theydon Street one way, 26 per cent were neutral and 11 per cent were negative
  • 64 per cent of respondents were supportive of the public space improvements between Boundary Road and 247 Markhouse Road, 23 per cent were neutral and 13 per cent negative.

Changes to the final scheme

The feedback and results received have helped shape a final design for Markhouse Road. As a result of this feedback we have made the following changes to the scheme:

  • The zebra crossing outside Kelmscott School will be moved slightly to the north, towards the petrol station to help improve visibility for both pedestrians and vehicles, making the crossing safer for everyone
  • The pavements on the western side of Markhouse Road will be widened between Theydon Street and Verulam Avenue to provide more space for bus passengers outside St Savour’s Church
  • The bus shelter outside 96-100 Markhouse Road will be moved to outside 102-108 Markhouse Road as there is more space there to accommodate bus passengers and pedestrians.

New trees

We want to make Markhouse Road a safe and enjoyable road to use whether you’re visiting the local shops and amenities or travelling through. We’re planning to plant 18 new trees, ranging in size and species, along Markhouse Road and the adjoining side streets. These new trees will replace the 8 trees that need to be moved either for safety reasons, e.g. the tree opposite Kelmscott School that overhangs the road, or to make space for the pavements and cycle lanes we are putting in. The new trees will be planted during the planting season which falls between November and March.

Please click here, to view the findings of the tree report conducted by the Arboricultural tree consultants.

Public space improvements (Linear Park)

The Markhouse Road proposals also included a new public space between Boundary Road and 247 Markhouse Centre which was supported by 64 per cent of respondents during the consultation.

To ensure this new public space meets the views and aspirations of the people using the road we carried out an on-street, face to face survey with people on Markhouse Road about the space in May 2016. The key findings were as follows:

  • 72% of people who took part wanted to see improvements made to the space, and 11% said they ‘maybe’ wanted to see improvements made
  • Top five ways people described the space were: green, just ok, clean, dirty and pleasant
  • Top five improvements people thought were important to them were: better trees and plants, safety for children, a more visually interesting and attractive space, separation from the road and a pleasant walking and cycling route
  • Top five ways people thought the space could be improved were: more benches and seating, attractive plants and flowers, reduction in litter and flytipping, creating a pleasant walking and cycling route and improving the tree planting.

These views were used to further develop our plans and in October 2016 we carried out a workshop with 15 residents to discuss some of the ideas we have put forward. To view the notes from this workshop, please click here.

For regular work updates visit the Markhouse Road construction update page, please click here.