Construction update

Here you'll find the latest updates on the work taking place in and around Markhouse Village. If you have a question on the work please email us.

Update 20 November - Pedestrian improvements at Queens, Tennyson and Lennox Roads

We will begin making some essential road safety improvements from Monday 27 November in the following areas:

  • Queens Road – we will be increasing the amount of pavement space between Tennyson Road and Callis Road, and installing bollards to prevent motorists from overrunning the southern footway on Queens Road.
  • Tennyson Road - we will be improving safety for road users by widening the pavement space at the junction with Ringwood Road, and reducing vehicle speeds exiting Tennyson Road.
  • Lennox Road at the entrance to Thomas Gamuel Park - we will improve visibility and provide a safer crossing point for pedestrians crossing Lennox Road.

The work will start at the junction across from Callis Road, and progressively move along towards the Tennyson Road junction with Ringwood Road. The work on Lennox Road will also start from 27 November.

To allow us to carry out the road work safely and on time, please avoid parking in the area. Please find attached a copy of the resident notification letter recently sent to residents and businesses in the area, available here - Queens and Tennyson Roads, and Lennox Road improvements.