Markhouse Area

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The Markhouse Area is the final residential scheme in the Enjoy Waltham Forest programme. The area is framed by Hoe Street, Selborne Road, Markhouse Road and Lea Bridge Road.

In September 2018 Waltham Forest Council carried out a public consultation with the local community on plans for the Markhouse Area. Overall, 2,205 people responded to the public consultation, leaving almost 13,000 comments on our proposals to discourage non-local traffic from moving through the area. In total 915 of these respondents were from residential or business addresses within the scheme boundary, and contributed more than 6,000 comments on the plans.

After carrying out a detailed and thorough analysis of this feedback the council has decided not to progress the below proposals:

Series 1 Queen’s Road and Boundary Road: timed closures and traffic direction changes

Series 2 Albert Road/Shrubland Road/Edinburgh Road area: traffic management and modal filters (road closures)

Series 5 Farmilo Road area: traffic management and modal filters

Series 6 Queen’s Road and Boundary Road: environmental and public realm improvements

Series 7 Farmilo Road: traffic calming improvements

Series 8 Boundary Road: street improvements

Series 9 Bowdon Road to Shrubland Road: alleyway improvements.

Analysis of the consultation responses showed that feedback from residents within Series 3 (Gosport Road area) and Series 4 (Chelmsford Road, Lansdowne Road, Somerset Road areas) was mixed and there is local interest in measures to help reduce vehicle numbers and speeds, improve road safety and the look and feel of these areas.

A full analysis of the consultation responses can be found in the useful documents section on the right of this page, and in a link at the bottom of this page.

Low Traffic Streets

The Council is also progressing the approved Markhouse Series 4 scheme and an update leaflet was sent to affected residents and businesses in mid-June 2020. Works commence on 27 June 2020 and are expected to be complete in September 2020. As with the schemes above, some prioritisation has been necessary in light of the current financial situation.

What next?

We intend to do further design development work in the Series 3 and 4 areas to look at what improvements will be possible, in light of the other improvements not going ahead.

In April 2019 we circulated new proposals to the 1,200 residents living in the Series 3 area and invited their comments on our proposals. The results of the consultation showed that residents were supportive of the improvements and construction is anticipated to start this summer.

In July 2019 an invitation was sent to residents living in the Series 4 area for a new community co-design workshop to be held on Thursday 18 July. Places are limited and residents have been requested to book their attendance in advance.

Following the workshop the council will consider the feedback received before returning to residents for further engagement later in the year.

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