About Leytonstone Town Centre

We have four town centre schemes in the Mini-Holland Programme, one of which is Leytonstone. These schemes will better connect Chingford, Highams Park, Leyton and Leytonstone through key walking and cycling routes, making areas of the borough easier to get to for people who want to walk and cycle for local journeys. The town centre schemes will also improve the look and feel of these four key areas, making them more enjoyable places to spend time and money, boosting business for our local economy and giving our residents a sense of pride in their borough.

The Leytonstone Town Centre scheme area has over 8,000 addresses and lots of people currently walk and cycle through it to get to the High Road, Leytonstone Underground Station, Leytonstone High Road Rail Station, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park and Hollow Ponds. The Leytonstone Town Centre scheme refers to the area bordered by Whipps Cross Road, Bushwood, Leytonstone High Road and Hainault Road (view map).

We’re planning to make improvements so that if you choose to walk or cycle it’s easier for you to get about. For example, we know that Grove Green Road is a key cycling route through Leytonstone, so we’re planning to improve this by creating segregated areas, where possible, making it safer and easier for people who cycle and vehicles to share the road. We’re also planning to install blended ‘Copenhagen’ style crossings on a series of side streets, which extend the pavement across the road, meaning vehicles need to give way to pedestrians and people on cycles. We recognise that there is a place for cars in our borough, but want to make our roads safer by creating junctions that encourage drivers to slow down and take extra care at key points. We’ll also be investing in new public spaces and improving how the area looks with plants and greenery, to encourage more people to spend their time and money in the area. The proposed design also includes a mix of road and traffic direction changes which are shown on the consultation maps.

The Leytonstone Town Centre scheme aims to:

  • Make cycling and walking a more attractive and convenient option
  • Improve the public spaces and streets to make it a better place for the community, whilst increasing footfall and business opportunities.