Public consultation – results

The Leyton Town Centre scheme aims to make roads safer and easier to navigate for all road users. It includes the area bordered by Grove Green Road, High Road Leyton, Windsor Road, Oliver Road, Church Road, Lea Bridge Road and the Gospel Oak to Barking railway line. It is one of four town centre schemes (Leyton, Leytonstone, Chingford and Highams Park) which will better connect areas within the borough, making it easier for people who choose to walk and cycle for local journeys.

In January 2016, we carried out a public consultation with the local community on our plans for the Leyton Town Centre scheme. Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation and provided feedback on the proposals.

  • In total 334 people responded to the consultation providing 828 individual comments
  • Overall 52 per cent of respondents were supportive of the proposals, 34 per cent were neutral and 14 per cent were not supportive of the proposals


The final scheme

Your feedback has been valuable in helping us finalise some of the proposals we consulted on, as well as raising key areas where changes can be made and more work needs to be done to refine things. As a result of this, we will start constructing the proposals that have been finalised first, as outlined below and overleaf.

We will continue to tweak our plans for the proposals not yet finalised based on the feedback received. Where necessary we will carry out additional engagement activities with residents and businesses directly affected by the plans to ensure the final design meets the needs of the local community. We will write to residents again when we have more information on the remaining proposals.

Outlined below are the plans we will progress with first.  The results from the consultation of these improvements can also be viewed here: Phase 1 and Phases 2.



An update letter was sent out w/c 12.09.16, click here to view.

Manor Road/ Capworth Street/ Park Road area

We are planning to go ahead with the following changes in this area to improve road safety and create a quiet cycling and walking route that complements the recently finished Church Road scheme. This route will form part of the Leyton to Blackhorse walking and cycling route:

  • Introduce a new zebra crossing outside Riverley Primary School on Park Road to provide a safe place for people to cross the road
  • Improve the existing modal filter (road closure) on Manor Road at the junction with Park Road with new road surfacing, landscaping and road signs
  • Raise the road to pavement level at the Manor Road and Capworth Street junction, and improve the layout to make it safer for people crossing by encouraging vehicles to slow down before turning
  • Introduce more trees at the locations above where possible.

Francis Road/ Twickenham Road/ Richmond Road area

We are planning to go ahead with the following changes in this area to improve road safety, improve the appearance of the area, and make it easier and safer to walk and cycle:

  • Introduce a new combined pedestrian and cycle zebra crossing on Francis Road by St Marys Road and Twickenham Road to provide a safe crossing point for people who walk and cycle at this location
  • Improve the existing modal filter (road closure) on Twickenham Road by Francis Road, including new trees and plants
  • Create a new, small public space with trees, plants and cycle parking at the junction of Richmond Road with Elm Road
  • Widen the pavement in Twickenham Road outside Newport School and install new cycle stands to park bikes, new trees and raise the road to pavement level in order to slow down traffic at this location.



An update letter was sent out w/c 26.12.16, click here to view.

Vicarage Road
We are planning to improve Vicarage Road by carrying out the following:

  • Outside the local shops (at the junction with Park Road) by removing the mini-roundabout and making the junction a give-way instead
  • Installing a ‘Copenhagen’ crossing (these are designed to slow down vehicles when entering or exiting side roads and encourage vehicles to give way to pedestrians crossing the road, re-enforcing the Highway Code),
  • Resurface the pavement, improve the street lighting, plant more trees & greenery, and install new street furniture.

Langthorne Road

We are planning to go ahead with the following changes to the road layout of Langthorne Road between Grove Green Road and Trelawn Road:

  • Introduce a modal filter on Langthorne Road to reduce the number of vehicles in this section of the road and to help provide a safer cycling connection to the walking and cycling bridge over the A12 and Grove Green Road. A modal filter is a road closure that will discourage non local traffic from ‘cutting through’ residential streets whilst allowing people who walk and cycle to get about safely and easily. Access for other vehicles such as emergency services, deliveries and bin collections will be maintained; and residents will still have access and parking on their street. This will also help people on foot, particularly children and older people to get about safely and easily
  • Create a new pedestrian and cycle crossing over Grove Green Road to help people access the walking and cycling bridge over the A12 and nearby station safely
  • Remove approximately five parking spaces to make space for the cycle lane that is being created
  • Improve the area with plants, trees, benches and cycle stands.

Richmond Road  

We are also planning to go ahead with the following changes to the road layout of Richmond Road at the junction with Grove Green Road:

  • Install a modal filter (see definition above) on Richmond Road at the junction with Grove Green Road. This will reduce the amount of non-local traffic outside people’s homes along Richmond Road, as they will no longer be able to use it as a cut-through
  • Improve the existing green space on Grove Green Road opposite Richmond Road with new plants and trees to help make the area more attractive
  • Increase the pavement space outside the pub and shops, adding trees and seating
  • Increase the amount of cycle parking stands.

Hampton Road

  • To assist traffic flow, when the modal filter (see definition above) in Richmond Road is installed, Hampton Road will be made one-way eastbound.

Rhodesia Road

  • To assist traffic flow when the modal filter (see definition above) in Richmond is installed, Rhodesia Road will be made one way westbound.

Construction programme

Construction on this second phase of the Leyton Town Centre scheme started in early January 2017 and is complete.



An update letter was sent out on 20 June 2017, click here to view.

After further engagement with local residents and businesses outlined below are the plans we will now be progressing:

Francis Road public realm improvements and timed closure between Claude Road and Albert Road

  • Introduce a timed road closure between Claude Road and Murchison Road and Albert Road and Murchison Road, with pedestrian and cycle only access between 10am and 8pm
  • Improve the public realm around the Francis Road shops, by widening the footways, narrowing the road, introducing high quality surface materials, planting new trees and landscaping, install new cycle stands, and provide dedicated loading bays and parking bays.

Norlington Road modal filter (road closure)

  • Install a modal filter (see definition above) on Norlington Road between Murchison Road and Albert Road. This modal filter forms an integral part of the proposal and will be installed to discourage vehicles from using Norlington Road as a cut through once the Francis Road improvements are introduced.

One-way Streets

In response to feedback received during the consultation, and to reduce further rat-running in the area, we are planning to make the below roads one-way.  This will reduce the existing head-on vehicle conflicts on several two-way streets, caused primarily by the roads being too narrow for two way traffic and parking.

  • Albert Road - make one-way eastbound
  • Murchison Road - make one-way westbound from Norlington Road to Dawlish Road
  • Claude Road - make one-way eastbound
  • Francis Road - make one-way southbound from Morley Road to Muchison Road
  • Francis Road - make one-way northbound from Newport Road to Muchison Road
  • Dawlish Road - make one-way southbound from High Road Leyton to Sedgwick Road.

To allow cycles to travel in both directions on one-way streets we will be making several streets cycle contraflow. Please click here for further details.

Parking bay changes

To help local businesses, we will be reallocating the use of some parking bays in the area, which will improve the availability and turnover of available parking spaces. The new bays will be a selection of short stay, long stay, loading bays and disabled bays in the side roads adjacent to the Francis Road shops. Please click here for further details.

Junction vehicle turning improvements

To ensure residences and businesses are accessible for large vehicles (emergency services, refuse vehicles, school coaches, etc), we are proposing to install/extend double yellow lines for improved maneuverability at the locations below, resulting in a minimal loss of parking. Please click here for further details.

Construction programme

Construction of these proposals started in summer 2017 and were completed by March 2018.



An update letter was sent out on 15 October 2018, click here to view.

Following completion of the previous works, the final phase of the Leyton Town Centre scheme will now begin:

Modal filters (Road closures to motorised traffic)

In response to the consultation feedback we intend to proceed with the planned modal filters in Farmer Road, Brewster Road and at the Capworth Street/Vicarage Road junction. The diagonal modal filter means that vehicles would no longer be able to drive across this junction east to west or west to east (between Church Road and High Road Leyton) along Capworth Street, or north to south (from Lea Bridge Road to High Road Leyton) along Vicarage Road. Only people walking or cycling could continue to cross the junction in these directions.

We also intend to install an additional modal filter in Clyde Place by the junction with Sophia Road following requests from local residents. This additional filter is required in order to stop traffic displacing onto neighbouring residential streets as a result of the diagonal filter at the Capworth Street/Vicarage Road junction.

At this stage we do not intend to proceed with the modal filter in Grange Park Road. We have recently collected traffic data for the area which indicates that vehicle numbers on Grange Park Road are very low, and we do not feel this will change significantly once the other measures are introduced.

However we will be monitoring traffic levels in the area as the works take place and we will review the case for introducing the Grange Park Road modal filter once the other works are complete.

One-way Streets

During the public consultation we proposed to make Capworth Street one-way eastbound (toward High Road Leyton) between Vicarage Road and Whitney Road. This change is required to ensure the Capworth Street/Vicarage Road modal filter works effectively.

In order to strike a balance between traffic reduction and resident access we have developed a proposal to change Manor Road between Lea Bridge Road and Malta Road from one-way northbound (towards Lea Bridge Road) to one-way southbound (away from Lea Bridge Road). However we will not be introducing this change until the other measures are implemented, as we want to review this impact that these have before making a final decision whether to proceed with this additional change or not.

A map of these changes can be found here.

Construction updates

We would like to keep the community informed as the works progress. Please visit the Construction update page for regular updates on what is happening and how the changes may affect your journey.