About Hoe Street and Wood Street area

The Hoe Street and Wood Street area is one of a series of residential areas in the borough being invested in as part of the programme to create places that are great to live, work and travel around. For the purpose of the programme this scheme has been named the Hoe Street and Wood Street area and forms part of the Mini-Holland Villages scheme.

The Hoe Street and Wood Street area is framed by Hoe Street, Forest Road and Wood Street (download map) and is popular with people who walk and cycle, accessing Wood Street market as well as local shops and restaurants.

The area will undergo a number of changes to make improvements for people who walk and cycle whilst improving air quality, reducing congestion and improving the look and feel of the area.

This area as well as Walthamstow Village and Blackhorse Village will be linked by a network of walking and cycling routes to make it safer and more accessible for all road users.

The Hoe Street and Wood Street scheme aims to:

  • Improve the look, feel and safety of this area for all road users
  • Encourage more residents and visitors to walk and cycle in the area
  • Improve access to local amenities.