Public consultation results

The public consultation for the Highams Park scheme ran from 27 June to 24 July 2016. At that time, around 6,500 consultation leaflets were hand delivered to properties in the area and we handed out leaflets at Highams Park Station to encourage people to take part.

Over 100 local people came to two drop-in sessions at Selwyn Primary School to find out more about the designs and to ask us questions. In total 384 people responded to the consultation and provided comments – thank you to everyone who did.

Your feedback, along with the ideas and suggestions we collected through the perception survey, resident workshops and speaking directly to residents and businesses over the past eight months, has been valuable in helping us finalise some of the proposals we consulted on, as well as raising key areas where changes can be made and more work needs to be done to refine things.

As a result of this, we will start constructing the proposals that have been finalised first, as outlined in this leaflet. We will continue to develop our plans for the proposals not yet finalised based on the feedback received. Where necessary we will carry out additional engagement activities with residents and businesses directly affected by the plans to ensure the final design meets the needs of the local community. We will write to residents again when we have more information on the remaining proposals.

A scheme report can be downloaded here and a summary of your feedback and how it has helped shape the plans is listed in the update leaflet which you can download here. Where we have not been able to adjust the plans based on feedback, we have explained why.

We’ll start to make improvements to the area based on this design from the end of November 2016. You’ll begin to see our contractors on site and they’ll be doing the work in stages to try to keep any disruption to a minimum for people living in the local area.

Residents and businesses directly affected will receive works notification letters one to two weeks in advance of work starting, explaining what is being done and any temporary parking and traffic management arrangements. Where we have said that we need to do more work on some proposals, and will be undertaking further local engagement, we are aiming to do this in the timescales set out in the table.

We will continue to monitor all of your feedback and suggestions and will run safety checks to make sure the scheme is delivering what it is meant to. During and after the works, please feel free to continue sending us any feedback you have by emailing us.