Over the past 12 to 18 months Waltham Forest Council has delivered a number of  improvements in the area, aimed at reducing vehicle speeds and improving pedestrian and cycle safety.

We want to continue investing in the area and have been investigating some initial ideas around further improvements that could be delivered in the future to reduce traffic cutting through the area, improve conditions for walking and cycling, improve access to public
transport and enhance the local environment.

What are we doing?

Before funding is secured and initial ideas are developed in more detail, we want to gain a better understanding of what people who live and work within these streets think about the area, and what changes, if any, they would like to see.

This is just the first step for local residents and businesses to shape what they would like to see improved in the area. Your views at this early stage are important, and we want everyone in the community to get involved – so please take a moment to provide your feedback.

All of the feedback collected will be analysed along with data on traffic speeds, volumes and collisions on local roads, to help us shape proposals to take forward.

How to get involved

To inform our planning we would like to hear how you get around the area and your opinions on the type of improvements that could be made.

You can do this easily online by registering on the Commonplace website and visiting the Higham Hill and Lloyd Park area page. Here you will be able to pinpoint areas on a local map, share your thoughts on them, and suggest any changes you would like to see made, focusing on traffic management issues, traffic calming, local environment improvements and road safety.

All of the feedback collected will be analysed at the end of the survey and
used to develop ideas which will be used to secure funding.


If you have any questions relating to the Enjoy Waltham Forest programme, do get in touch.

Email - enjoy@walthamforest.gov.uk

Write to -
Enjoy Waltham Forest Programme Team
Waltham Forest Council
Low Hall Argall Avenue
E10 7AS

Phone - 020 8496 3000. Monday to Friday 9am–5pm.

You can also sign up for newsletters about the Enjoy Waltham Forest programme here.