About Forest Road

Forest Road, E17, is a key route in Waltham Forest running between Woodford New Road and the borough boundary with Haringey. This busy route is home to around 3,600 residents and 340 businesses, with 17,000 vehicles using the road daily.

Over the last few years, the route has seen a 56 per cent increase for both leisure and commuter cyclists, and now Forest Road and the surrounding roads will benefit from the Mini-Holland Programme to invest in and improve the road, making it a more enjoyable place for all road users.

Forest Road will form part of the Mini-Holland Programme’s network of cycling and walking routes across the borough. The aim is to make cycling and walking between town centres and residential areas safer with more direct routes. Improvements to the road and the public realm will unlock a number of key local destinations, such as the William Morris Gallery, Lloyd Park, and Walthamstow Wetlands, making them more accessible to local people, especially those who walk and cycle,  as well as visitors to the borough.

By improving Forest Road, the new route will encourage local people to use their car less when making shorter journeys, relieving the pressure on local roads. This in turn will mean those using public transport, delivery vehicles or those who need to travel by car will benefit from less congestion and more reliable journey times.

The Forest Road scheme aims to:

  • Transform the road to make it a more enjoyable place for local people, as well as a safer and more accessible road for transport purposes
  • Make cycling and walking a more attractive and convenient option, whilst relieving traffic congestion
  • Make the road safer and easier to use for all road users.