Church Road consultation

Between 3 and 24 July this year, we carried out a public consultation with the local community on our plans for Church Road.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the consultation and provided feedback on the proposals. All of the comments have helped us to develop a scheme which will benefit the local community and visitors to the area.

The key outcomes of the consultation are as follows:

  • 26 per cent of people were ‘very supportive’ or ‘quite supportive’
  • 62 per cent of people were ‘neutral’
  • 12 per cent of people were ‘not very supportive’ or ‘not supportive at all’.

The above results show that there was general support for the proposed improvements, and a large number of the 62 per cent of people who were neutral stated that they would like the proposals to be stronger for cycling and pedestrians, and did not oppose the overall scheme’s aims and objectives.

Key concerns raised from the consultation are outlined below along with the Council’s response.

Comment 1- Capworth Street is unsuitable as a cycle route.
Response- We understand this concern and so will aim to make the route more suitable for people who cycle along the road and in the surrounding road network as part of the Leyton Town Centre Mini-Holland scheme.

Comment 2- Need for segregated cycle track along the whole length of Church Road.
Response- This was looked at as an initial part of the design, however the road is too narrow and extensive parking would have to be removed from Capworth Street to Grange Park Road (Section B) without the space to relocate this elsewhere.

Comment 3- Impact on buses and bus passengers.
Response- The plans are being developed in partnership with Transport for London (TfL) and TfL Buses. On-going assessments will be made in terms of bus impacts and the impact on bus passengers as the scheme progresses.

 Read the full report.