Summary of changes

The following table outlines the changes proposed for the Chingford Town Centre scheme.

Proposed changeReason for change
Create two new cycle routes through Chingford:
- West from Cavendish Road to Station Road
- East from Hatch Lane to Chingford Station
The new cycle routes will create a more attractive and safer route for people wanting to cycle in Chingford, while also providing a more direct route to other town centres in the borough.
As part of this, we are also planning to provide new and improved road crossings and improve key junctions, which will help people who want to walk in Chingford.
Introduce double yellow lines at a number of locations on both sides of Kings Head Hill, mainly around the existing ‘islands’ in the centre of the road that help you cross, to ensure these areas are clear of parked vehicles. We know that parking by the islands can lead to congestion, delays for buses and general safety problems. This will provide a safer layout for all road users and improve traffic flow.
Widen the pavements and raise the road to pavement level at the following locations:
- Drysdale Avenue
- Pole Hill Road
- Parkhill Road.
To encourage people to drive slowly, improving safety at these locations.
Move the following bus stops:
- The bus stop opposite Pole Hill Road will be moved about 30 metres downhill
- The bus stop outside 168 Kings Head Hill will be moved about 30 metres downhill.
To help improve traffic flow at these locations.
Widen and lengthen the islands in the middle of the road that help people cross.To make it safer to cross the road.
Install a modal filter (road closure) on Endlebury Road.

Following the resident workshops in May and June 2016, 29 local residents have asked us to close Endlebury Road, to cut down non-residential traffic, and reduce traffic speeds and volumes in that road. Before we do anything, we would like to understand what the wider local community think about putting a ‘modal filter’ (road closure) in on Endlebury Road.

A modal filter would allow pedestrians and cycles to pass through but not motorised vehicles, and could include locating trees and bollards to stop vehicles from ‘cutting through’. Residents living on Endlebury Road would still be able to drive and park in their road, they would just need to access it in a different way. Emergency services and services like rubbish collections would also still be able to access the road if a modal filter was put in.
Move the pelican crossing opposite The Harvester restaurant on New Road and change it to a new
combined cycle and pedestrian zebra crossing.
We’re planning to put it on New Road adjacent to the junction with Grove Road so it can be used by people walking and cycling along the route, as well as people visiting the leisure centres and restaurants.
Plant more trees at the junction of New Road and Grove Road.To improve the public space at this location.
Introduce parking restrictions on Endlebury Road (between Heathcote Grove and Horsley Road) during peak times from 7 to 10am and 3 to 6pm, Monday to Friday. Advisory cycle lane markings will also be installed at this location. Vehicles will be allowed to park outside these times.This will provide more space for cycles and vehicles to share the road and reduce the potential for collisions. It will also help pedestrians and cycles cross the road by improving visibility and help improve traffic flow during peak times.
Provide signage and cycle road markings along the route. The road markings are usually cycle symbols painted
on the road.
This will help vehicles more aware that this is a cycle route while making it easier to navigate for people who cycle.
Improve the public space outside Whitehall Primary School by widening and resurfacing the pavement
providing cycle parking and new seating, and planting trees.
To improve the public space at this location.
Install a new combined cycle and pedestrian zebra crossing on Friday Hill by the roundabout.To provide a safe crossing point for pedestrians and people who cycle.
Put a new blended ‘Copenhagen’ crossing, in where the New Road (slip road) meets Grove Road. We have already introduced these crossings in other parts of the borough and they help make roads safer by encouraging drivers to give way to pedestrians and cycles, as per the Highway Code. These crossings are popular in Europe and extend the pavement across side streets at key junctions, giving pedestrians a continuous pavement rather than a traditional kerb that they need to wait at before crossing the side road. This encourages vehicles to slow down when entering or exiting the side road.