Wayfinding in Walthamstow Forest

walk waltham forest

Following feedback received from businesses and residents in and around Walthamstow Forest since the completion of the Walthamstow Village scheme, we have started to develop new and improved signage and mapping to help residents and visitors travel around and enjoy the area with greater ease.

We have received many comments requesting improved wayfinding and signage in Walthamstow Forest, and since September 2015 we have been developing a wayfinding strategy aimed at helping local people walk and cycle in the borough for local journeys. These wayfinding measures will include on-street maps, digital maps and signage, and are important as they will improve efficiency, accessibility and safety for people walking and cycling.

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New road sign example

We are looking to gather feedback from local businesses, residents and visitors to help us develop the wayfinding and make sure it suits the needs of the community.

We have created a community map which features shops, restaurants, pubs, parking bays, cycle parking locations, and changes to the road layout, as well as eight new walking and cycling signs in the area which update existing street name plates whilst providing directions to key local destinations.