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We want to encourage more children and young people to walk or cycle to school, keeping them fit and helping the environment. To do this, the Mini-Holland Programme is developing safer and more convenient routes to local schools and improving facilities within schools such as cycle parking.

These measures, accompanied by a range of promotional activities, also aim to reduce the number of children being taken to school in cars and encourage other sustainable transport choices such as public transport and lift sharing.

We're working with schools and colleges in the borough to help them develop School Travel Plans and provide them with the necessary facilities to help encourage more pupils to walk or cycle to school.

Benefits of active travel

Healthier children

Active travel such as walking or cycling has physical health benefits such as helping to combat childhood obesity.

Improved learning

Active travel can improve children’s academic performance through improved concentration, learning and classroom behaviour.

Traffic congestion and parking

Vehicles on the 'school run' create serious traffic congestion and parking problems especially in dense urban areas. Promoting alternatives can help ease journey times, pollution and noise levels.


Fewer vehicles on the road means cleaner local air quality and reduced carbon emissions.

Email us for more information on how to develop a School Travel Plan to realise these benefits for your school.



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