Summary of changes

The following table outlines the plans for Lea Bridge Road

Proposed changesReasons for changes
Introduce fully protected cycle lanes called segregated cycle tracks in both directions from the borough boundary with Hackney to Whipps Cross roundaboutTo encourage more people to cycle on the road by increasing safety.
Redesign Whipps Cross RoundaboutTo improve safety for people who walk and cycle whilst improving the flow of traffic and providing facilities for bus service staff.
Introduce new blended (Copenhagen style) crossings at junctions and side roadsTo slow down traffic and give greater priority to pedestrians and bike users.
Address key problem points in the area including the redesign of the railway bridge between Lammas Road and Orient WayTo make it easier and simpler to use for all road users, whilst improving safety, accessibility to the new Lea Bridge Road railway station and making the environment more enjoyable.
Introduce new cycle parking facilitiesTo make the area more accessible to people who cycle and increase the footfall for businesses.
Address public transport issues including:
• Changes to bus lanes
• Improved bus stop facilities
• Floating bus stops
To improve reliability of bus services to benefit passengers, making the area better for all road users including those using public transport.
Co-design attractive and vibrant public spaces with the local communityTo instil a sense of pride in the local area and transform it into a destination area to attract more visitors.
Improve the pedestrian street environment including:
• New street lighting
• Better signage
• More Wayfinding
To encourage more pedestrians to use the area and attract new visitors by making it safer and more attractive.
Redesign the following junctions:
- Wood Street
- Leyton Green Road
- Markhouse Road/Church Road
- Orient Way/ Argyall Avenue
- Bakers Arms.

Changes include:
- Create new crossings that can be used by pedestrians and cyclists
- Upgrade traffic signals with interface technology that enables TfL to
control signal timings better when congestion occurs
- Relocate and upgrade bus stops.
To make navigating the junction easier and safer for all road users.