Hoe Street between Orford Road and Lea Bridge Road

About the scheme

Walthamstow is a dynamic and vibrant town centre and destination, boasting a diverse community, with excellent shopping and public transport links. It’s the busiest transport interchange in Waltham Forest, serving both journeys into the town centre area and outward trips to key destinations such as Stratford and Central London.

In recent years, Walthamstow has gone from strength to strength with an ambitious programme of regeneration, including a number of new developments as well as a range of independent restaurants, cafes and businesses opening. To support and compliment these changes, Walthamstow Town Centre and the former Walthamstow Gyratory have undergone major transformation, making it an even more accessible, attractive, and popular destination for people living in Waltham Forest, as well as those travelling from further afield. With more exciting development and regeneration planned in the future we’re expecting more visitors to the town centre, and more people generally travelling to, from and through Walthamstow Central every day. We want to continue improving Hoe Street and the town centre so it is a safer, more accessible and convenient place to travel to, particularly by active and sustainable forms of transport.

Our plans focus on the section of Hoe Street between Orford Road and Lea Bridge Road and aim to build upon the existing network of safe and direct walking and cycling routes in the borough. The plans will provide more transport options to local people travelling between Lea Bridge Road, Walthamstow Central and the town centre, as well as supporting longer and/or multi modal journeys to places like Chingford, Whipps Cross, Leyton or Hackney.

Pubic consultation

The public consultation for this scheme took place between 6 July and 30 July 2021 via the online engagement platform https://hoestreetimprovements.commonplace.is/

Download the public consultation report here.