Proposed improvementsProposed improvements

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The following table outlines the proposed improvements for the area.

Table of improvements

Proposed improvementsBenefits of change
Increase and improve cycling facilities
• Additional cycle parking in residential and key shopping areas
To make the area more accessible to people who cycle and increase the uptake of cycling for local trips
Improve the pedestrian street environment including:
• New street lighting
• Better signage
To increase safety and make the area a more enjoyable environment
Improve the look of the area:
• Creating parks in residential areas
• Increase tree planting
• Public art installation
To make the area a nice environment to live and to instill a sense of pride in the community
Changes to the local road network to reduce non-local traffic travelling through the area.
• Road closures
• Changes to traffic flow
To make residential roads safer for people who walk and cycle, improve air quality and reduce congestion



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