Get walking

Walking is convenient, free and great for your physical and mental health, so why not leave the car at home, jump of the bus and walk your journey this week? 

We want to continue to support our residents to walk safely and enjoy their surroundings during this time of the Covid-19 pandemic. Currently, our walking groups and community projects are currently on hold however we are aiming to bring you tips and useful information on getting walking in Waltham Forest. 

I'm interested in trying active travel for the school journey 

Top tips for walking

  • Use a pedometer (many smartphones have one built in). Measure how many steps you take and try adding a few more steps each day
    Walk regularly. Try to walk on most days of the week. If you can only walk a couple of minutes to start with, that's ok aim to build up gradually
  • Wear suitable footwear. Wear shoes that are comfortable, that provide good support and don't give you blisters
  • Wear suitable clothing. You will feel warmer when you're walking briskly so wear loose fitting and light clothing that allows you to move freely
  • Walk with somebody else. Walk with someone and have a good chat along the way – or have a family walk after dinner
  • Enjoy a lunchtime walk. Leave your place of work and get outside for a walk. Encourage colleagues to join you
  • Get the kids walking. Walking as a family is an excellent way for the family to spend time together whilst getting some exercise at the same time.


If you're heading out and about this weekend, why not check out one of our thirty one pocket parks? 


Four women walking together on a street