Cycle hubs at stations

Cycle shed Leytonstone1By the end of 2020 we will have installed eight bespoke secure cycle hubs at stations across the borough.

These hubs are ideal for local people looking to include cycling as part of their daily commute or who worry about bike theft when shopping locally.


Cycle hub facilities

The new cycle hubs have:
• Key fob entry
• Help points
• Enhanced lighting
• Two tiered user friendly assisted cycle parking racks.

In addition, the hubs have cycle pumps inside and even more cycle stands nearby, making parking your bike easy and convenient.


Cycle hub locations

StationLocationNumber of spacesOpening
Walthamstow CentralSelborne Road80OPEN
WalthamstowStation Approach80OPEN
Leytonstone Church Lane50OPEN
Wood StreetJunction of Wood Street/ Valentine Road28OPEN
St James StreetIn between Subway and Tesco Express28OPEN
Blackhorse RoadForest Road502020
Leyton To the right of Leyton Station when exiting150OPEN
Lea Bridge Argall Way50OPEN

• Keeps your bike clean, dry and safe
• Located near public transport and amenities for your convenience
• Added security of CCTV and help points
• Helps you easily include cycling as part of your longer journey or commute
• Peace of mind knowing your bike is safe when shopping or working locally.


How to use the cycle hubs

The cycle hubs are incredibly easy to use.  Cycle shed Leytonstone2

  1. Enter the hub using your fob
  2. Find a space and lock your bike using your bike chain or D lock
  3. If using the top tier, pull the orange handle, place your bike in the slots, lock your bike with your chain and use the orange handle to lift the bike up and in – easy
  4. The Council do not recommend cable locks. Please consult your local bike shop when  buying a lock
  5. All spaces are first come first served.

Instructions are located on the notice boards in the hubs but if you’re still unsure please contact us via the My Account page on Waltham Forest Council’s website or use the help point located inside the hub.


Sign up or renew your membership today

New membership

From 1 April 2019 membership costs will be £30 per person, per year and is subject to an annual renewal fee 12 months from the start date. New members will also receive a free BikeRegister Membership Plus security marking kit worth £12.99.
To sign up you will need to provide proof of address, a photo (or selfie) and the details of your bike, so have those ready before you begin.

How to sign up

Please read the terms and conditions of use before heading to the My Account page on Waltham Forest Council’s website, where you will be able to pay for your membership.

Once received, your application will be processed within seven working days and your fob, unique cable ID tag and BikeRegister kit will be sent to you via post.

Renew your membership

When your membership is due for renewal you will receive an email. If you do not renew your membership before the renewal date your fob will no longer work.

You can renew your membership following the same sign up process above. If you have any questions regarding the renewal of your membership, please contact us us via the My Account page on Waltham Forest Council’s website.

Identification cable tie

From April 2019 we are issuing uniquely numbered cable ties so that we will be able to identify member’s bikes going forward and improve our communications with you. We will also be able to identify any bikes that have been abandoned so they can be removed which will increase capacity in the Cycle Hubs.

Please attach your cable tie to your bike, ideally your seat post, with the identification number visible. You can trim any additional length of cable tie after attaching it as you see fit. Please ensure that the cable tie is attached to your bike as soon as possible as we may remove any bikes without one.

You will receive your unique cable ID tie in the post. If you require further cable ID ties (for example you own two bikes and you use both in the Cycle Hubs) then please request these via the My Account page on Waltham Forest Council’s website. If you change your bike or have had to remove your cable ID tie for any other reason, please also contact us via the My Account page on Waltham Forest Council’s website to let us know and we will send out a replacement cable ID tie.

Data Protection Act 2018

Please note that your personal details supplied on the application form will be held and/or computerised by London Borough of Waltham Forest for the purposes of processing your membership. Some personal details will be disclosed to banks and other financial institutions, including insurers, in order to process the payment and/or claims and also with the Metropolitan Police in case of theft or vandalism. Your personal details will be deleted from our system during the month after the date of expiry of your membership and will not be divulged to any other individuals or organisations for any other purposes.