Short term visitor parking

Short term visitor parking

Short term visitor parking means that cycle journeys such as a quick ride to the shop, the park or to see friends will become more convenient and accessible.

Cycle stands are normally ‘U’ shaped stands, known as Sheffield stands. In Waltham Forest we use the 'fin' type. These stands are used to provide somewhere safe and convenient for cyclists to leave their bikes whilst they shop or visit friends.

Cycle stands in the borough

We have hundreds of cycle stands in the borough and have plans to install more as part of our programme.

We want to makes sure that these stands are installed in locations that are convenient for you, so get in contact with us to tell us where you think some need to be added.

Spotted a damaged cycle stand? Use the contact form below to let us know if there is a damaged cycle stand near you and we'll get it fixed.

Cycle parking locations request

    Damaged cycle parking locations

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