Brooke Road Flood Risk Management Scheme


Following the serious flooding in Waltham Forest during summer 2021, we have been working with Thames Water, the Department for Education and residents to develop a scheme that will help reduce the risk in flood-prone areas, and help protect local homes, schools and businesses.

As Brooke Road was one of the worst affected places, the Council is prioritising this area for further investment to help tackle the issues caused by heavy rainfall, reduce pressure on Thames Water’s infrastructure (drainage systems), minimise risk to residential properties and St Mary’s C of E School, and enhance biodiversity.

Thanks to funding from Thames Water, the Department for Education and Waltham Forest Council we have developed the following concept plans for the area:

  • Install rain gardens along the carriageway on Brooke Road to manage rainwater run-off from hard surfaces after downpours. Rain gardens often involve planting attractive, low maintenance, wildlife-friendly plants which also help boost biodiversity.
  • Install water attenuation and storage cells under the road surface in Brooke Road, from St Mary’s C of E School to the junction with Oliver Road
    • An attenuation cell is an underground tank which receives water from the surface either through a permeable carriageway surfacing material or drainage slots. This additional storage helps slow the rate of water flowing into Thames Water’s infrastructure (drainage system), relieving pressure during intense periods of rainfall, and preventing drains overflowing and flooding.
  • Permeable carriageway surfacing and road construction along parts of Brooke Road. The new permeable surfacing and road construction used will absorb rainwater and allow it to flow into the underground storage tanks. The new permeable road construction also acts as a temporary additional rainwater storage in its own right, slowing down the speed at which the water enters Thames Water’s infrastructure.
  • St Mary’s C of E School will be supporting our scheme with their ‘SuDS’ (Sustainable Urban Drainage) in Schools’ initiative and is proposing to harvest rainwater by linking the school’s downpipes to rain planters.

In addition, Thames Water and Waltham Forest Council will jointly fund a local representative for a minimum of one year to join the National Flood Forum, which is an independent charity that supports individuals and communities at risk of flooding. The representative will assist in developing a Community Flood Plan as well as organising self-sustainable community-based support networks in the event of an emergency.


The project delivery team organised a community drop-in session on Thursday 16 March 2022, between 5pm and 7pm at the ‘14th Walthamstow Scout Group’, 205a Wood Street, E17 3NU. The drop-in session provided opportunity for the local community to view plans of the scheme and to discuss the scheme in further detail with the design team. We have also been liaising with other stakeholders in the local area on a regular basis, including St Mary’s School. Feedback from the drop-in session has been analysed and suggestions have been included within the design where feasible.


Following design finalisation, we are aiming to commence construction in Brooke Road after the school summer holidays 2022 for a duration of approximately twelve months. This will be followed by construction works commencing in Chestnuts Avenue North and Chestnuts Avenue South during the school summer holidays 2023 for a duration of approximately three to four months. The landscaping and planting phases will follow civil engineering works completion; and will take place at various times according to the type of species being planted and their associated planting season.

Further construction information will be posted to all properties in the near vicinity of the construction work prior to commencement.

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