Forest Road

In 2016, work started on making Forest Road a safer route for people who choose to walk and cycle for local journeys or as part of their daily commute.

As Forest Road is a key route through the borough we developed a phased consultation and construction approach, to ensure residents could get involved in the part of Forest Road that they use most, and to help us minimise disruption to local people.

The changes to Forest Road aim to improve connections for local people to other parts of the borough such as our town centres and residential areas, making it easier for people to make local journeys. It also aims to connect Waltham Forest better to our neighbouring boroughs, attracting visitors and boosting business for our local economy.

Changes to Forest Road include:

  • Upgrading Blackhorse junction and the Forest Road/ Palmerston Road junction
  • New pedestrian and cycle crossings along the route to make the area safer and more accessible to people who walk and cycle
  • New blended ‘Copenhagen’ crossings at all side road junctions, giving pedestrians a continuous pavement, and encouraging vehicles to slow down when entering and exiting side roads.
  • New segregated cycle lanes which create separate, designated space for cycling and walking– making it safer and easier for cycles and vehicles to share the road.


Public consultations for the Forest Road scheme took place between the following dates. Click the links below or to the right to download the consultation reports.

Completed work

Ferry Lane to Forest Road – work completed in 2017

  • Fully segregated cycle lane from the borough boundary with Haringey to Forest Road just past the Ferry Boat Inn
  • New Toucan Crossing at the entrance to the Walthamstow Wetlands entrance
  • Public space improvements outside the wetlands
  • Road resurfacing.
  • Reduced speed limit along the road from 30 to 20 mph.

Blackhorse Road junction to Palmerston Road – work completed 2018 Cyclist in a cycle lane on Forest Road

  • Fully segregated cycle lane on both sides of the road
  • New signal controlled pedestrian and cycle crossing point by Pretoria Avenue
  • New blended ‘Copenhagen’ crossings on all side roads open to motor vehicles to prioritise pedestrians
  • Reduced speed limit along the full road from 30 to 20 mph.

Palmerston Road to Hoe Street – work completed in late 2018 Forest Road cycle lane outside William Morris Gallery

  • New cycle and pedestrian crossing to the east of Bemsted Road and Greenleaf Road
  • Segregated cycle lanes on both sides of the road
  • New blended ‘Copenhagen’ crossings on all side roads open to motor vehicles to prioritise pedestrians
  • Reduced speed limit along the full road from 30 to 20 mph.

Current work

Strategic Cycle Network -  Forest Road, between Blackhorse Junction and Waltamstow Wetlands (boundary with London Borough of Haringey) – Funding has been secured from TfL’s LSP to extend the Forest Road segregated cycle route from Blackhorse Junction to the borough boundary with Haringey. The extension involves the introduction of mandatory cycle lanes with light segregation infrastructure including Orcas and Wands. Once complete it will provide a largely uninterrupted fully segregated cycle route from Hoe Street to the borough boundary, with Haringey currently delivering further improvement works along Ferry Lane which will ultimately link to Tottenham Hale. Works commenced on 29th June 2020.

Forest Road, between Hoe Street and Woodford New Road – Funding has been secured from TfL’s LSP to develop proposals to extend the Forest Road cycle route from Hoe Street to Woodford New Road, using light segregation cycle route infrastructure. At this stage funding has been provided for design development work only and further funding for any physical works will be subject to the outcome of the design process and TfL approval.

Blackhorse Junction - Following a positive response to the public consultation held in July 2017, works on the junction improvements will take place between May 2019 and summer 2020.Artist impression of new road layout outside Blackhorse Road station

The changes to the junction, as well the section of Forest Road between the station and the reservoirs, aim to support a shift to more sustainable methods of transport, benefiting residents and commuters as well as supporting the vibrant economy.

For more information and to sign up for updates visit  the council's website.

Upcoming work

Hoe Street to Wood Street – Designs are being developed and updated in conjunction with upcoming development proposals to ensure that measures introduced can meet the needs to of the local community and accommodate future growth.

For more information please visit the below links:

About Forest Road

Construction updates



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