Leytonstone – Business Low Emissions Neighbourhood (BLEN)


The Leytonstone BLEN is focused on the main commercial/ retail town centre area located along Church Lane, High Road Leytonstone and Kirkdale Road.

The project aims to reduce exposure to road transport generated pollutants and improve overall air quality through a range of active and sustainable travel infrastructure improvements, traffic management measures that prioritise low and zero emissions transport options, behaviour change initiatives, and increased green infrastructure.

More specifically the objectives are to:

• Reduce emissions from motorised vehicles, leading to improved air quality and public health.
• Increase levels of walking and cycling within and around the area.
• Increase bus patronage and reliability.
• Reduce road traffic collisions and casualties.
• Improve the quality and resilience of the public realm.
• Increased uptake and vehicle km for low and zero emissions vehicles.
• Facilitate more efficient utilisation of kerbside space, with priority on low and zero emission vehicles.
• Reduce motorised traffic within the project area while mitigating any impacts on the surrounding roads/ areas.


Click this link to view the BLEN-Leytonstone-Initial Bid Masterplan (subject to change)

The Leytonstone BLEN will focus on the following proposals;

  1. Key active travel infrastructure and public realm enhancements including:

a. Extension of the existing Gainsborough Road/ Grove Green Road cycle tracks towards the Green Man roundabout to provide connectivity with current cycle infrastructure in High Road Leytonstone and support journeys to the town centre by bike.

b. Creation of green links between the Town Centre and Wanstead Flats to make routes to and from the town centre, from adjacent residential areas, more attractive for walking and cycling.

  1. Intensification of green infrastructure within the BLEN area including Micro-Parklets to re-purpose the kerbside, removing visitor parking capacity while incorporating green infrastructure and features that will encourage visitors to stay longer, supporting local businesses.
  2. Kerbside activity and servicing study to understand current kerbside use and utilisation, and business servicing activities and requirements. This will include meeting a sample of businesses in the area to discuss their current servicing patterns and requirements in addition to kerbside data collection. This study will be used to inform a number of the other proposals set out in the original bid, and aid in the development of further ideas to minimise vehicle based servicing activity and encourage low emissions alternatives where possible.
  3. Investigation and scoping study for an Ultra Low Emission Vehicle (ULEV) restriction zone and ULEV priority parking controls in the town centre area. A ULEV restriction zone could make significant improvement regarding motorised vehicle trips and distance driven in the area.
  4. Increased cycle parking provision within the town centre area through additional on-street visitor parking – with emphasis on providing parking solutions on-carriageway to minimise impact on pedestrians and reduce on-street car parking capacity.
  5. Introduction of cleaner air walking maps. This would involve producing maps which serve as both general local wayfinding to support local businesses as well as suggested walking routes to help avoid roads with the worst congestion and air quality.

A map showing locations of the above proposals along with other project related links can be accessed in the links on the right of this page.


Since early 2020 we have been developing all the above elements of the scheme, which we are aiming to deliver by late 2022.


In late 2020 we started introducing lower scale interventions in Church Lane, which includes the installation of new Micro-Parklets and also replacement of the red and white barriers with more aesthetically pleasing items of street furniture (granite boulders, cycle stands, oil drums with trees and planters).

Green Links

Click this link to view the Green Links-Preliminary Design

We will be inviting the local community to an online Teams meeting in Autumn 2021, to help develop the existing Preliminary Design; and to collaborate on planting specifications and future maintenance. The Green Links will be subject to a statutory consultation after detailed design and various approvals have been completed. The Green Links that were shown in the original Bid plan link on this webpage have developed since the Bid; and the current Preliminary Design can be viewed using the Green Links-Preliminary Design link above.


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